TC Tech LLC serves the industrial, municipal water and wastewater treatment markets with the "best in class" advanced technologies. Each day we strive to provide our customers with:

  • The top advanced treatment technology companies that are also committed to long term customer service.
  • Superior, timely local technical support during project development.
  • Local startup and ongoing support with factory certified technical service

We are able to provide this by selecting a small number of committed lines, through our local partnerships and with our highly experienced staff.

The major focus of our activities is in support of our client's needs to develop process systems solutions. Our advanced treatment technologies solutions currently include Membrane Bio Reactors, Microfiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ion exchange/ Adsorbtion, Ozone, UV, Anaerobic Digestion, Sequencing Batch Reactors, Disc Filters, Dissolved Air Floatation, Centrifuges, Fine Screens and Advanced instrumentation. While we will apply these technologies individually, our main focus is to sell integrated system solutions that meet the goals of our clients.

As a result of this strategy we are better able to support our engineers and end users. This has proven successful with well over 400 system placements since starting up in 2001.

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